Historic Homes

From grand plantations homes to the simple cabin, the region's history is still found in the places people made their home.

Historic Sites

Like a snapshot of years long gone, these historic sites can make you feel like your stepping into the past.

Historic Districts

Enjoy strolls through entire streets lined with historic homes and businesses.

Military Heritage

Visit our Military Heritage across Lake Hartwell Country! Some are memorial sites to give thanks to those who served, while other may be a glimpse into South Carolina's military past.


Enjoy beautiful time-capsules of South Carolinas history. Self-tour at your leisure or speak to staff for a knowledgable interpretive presentation.

African American Heritage

The rich history of the region is intertwined with the stories of its African American communities. Museums and historic sites recount the days of old and how they impact the present.

Native American Heritage

Native Americans inhabited South Carolina's Blue Ridge Foothills long before the arrival of European settlers. Protected lands now afford a view of the landscape that was familiar to those who lived here before us and offer visitors the chance to take their own steps back in time along pristine rivers and hiking trails.

Genealogical Research

Find professional and family genealogical resources to trace back the roots of ancestors who came to Lake Hartwell Country.