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5 Easy Hikes with Big Payoffs in South Carolina

A good hike doesn't have to be a long hike!

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You’ve probably heard by now that getting outside and enjoying nature is good for health and wellness. If you ask us, we also think it’s a fun time! Getting outside and taking a hike out in the woods doesn’t have to be strenuous to get some good views. In this article, we’ve listed a few of our favorite hikes that don’t require too much huffing and puffing!

NOTE: it is recommended for all hikers that you bring water with you! Although these trails are not strenuous, it’s always a good idea to let someone know where you are going, wear durable shoes, and do not underestimate Mother Nature. Be respectful of the wildlife, plants, and other hikers around you. Read up on the Leave No Trace principles. Also, ENJOY and have a good time exploring nature!

This 1.9 mile loop takes you along the shores of Pinnacle Lake in one of South Carolina’s most famous state parks. Along the way you’ll see a dam, the lake, and see some beautiful views of Table Rock itself. Feel free to bring the kids, your furry hiking companions, or just take some time for yourself to enjoy the peace and quiet of this easy trail.

This trail in Oconee county is approximately 0.8 miles one way, and it’s worth every step. Along this trail you’ll cross a bridge over King Creek and be immersed in the peaceful tranquility of the Sumter National Forest. The grand finale is, of course, King Creek Falls, which is a stunning waterfall that towers in the forest. As an added bonus, if you’re up for it, this falls can easily be seen along with Spoonauger Falls in the same day!

This hike is proof that lakes can be just as beautiful as mountains when it comes to scenery. This 1.2 mile loop offers lovely views of Lake Hartwell. This hike is another great option for younger children!

When summer arrives, this is a trail you’ll want to keep in mind! This trail is only 0.5 miles one way, and at the end you’ll be treated with beautiful views of the towering, 60 ft Station Cove Falls. There are good opportunities for splashing around in the creek below which is a wonderful way to cool off when the temperatures get hot.

At approximately 0.4 miles one way, this trail is good for just about anyone of any hiking experience. In fact, some would consider this trail more of a leisurely walk in the woods! Don’t let the short distance fool you though, because the sight at the end of the trail is worth it. You’ll see a viewing platform at the end of the trail to behold the lovely Twin Falls. Bring your children, pets, and a camera!

These are just a few of our favorite short trails in Lake Hartwell Country. Leave some more of your favorites in the comments down below! For more information on the South Carolina mountains, check out our website We would also love to see you at our visitor center in Pendleton or at our satellite office in Pickens! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @LakeHartwellCountry.

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