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Escape to Nature In Oconee County

Oconee County's Finest Waterfalls and Hiking Trails

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The perfect getaway on a getaway is getting in touch with nature; leaving behind the hustle and bustle, listening to birds chirp while climbing over moss-covered rocks. Love the views, but not big on long hikes? Don't worry. There's something for everyone in Oconee County.

Oconee County has nine different short hikes, that feature waterfalls, to choose from:

  • Issaqueena Falls - 0.3 miles
  • Yellow Branch Falls - 3 miles
  • Blue Hole Falls - 1 mile
  • Station Cove Falls - 1.6 miles
  • Spoonauer Falls - 0.6 miles
  • Lee Falls - 1.5 miles
  • King Creek Falls - 0.5 miles
  • Miuka Falls - 1.2 miles

Once you've completed your hike and taken in the falls, there are plenty of restaurants and attractions close by to venture to. A few options to choose from:

If you're looking to spend some time here, exploring many of the longer hikes and hitting all of the different waterfall spots, here are some accommodation suggestions:

We suggest starting off in Pickens County with the Twin Falls (2.3 miles) or Laurel Fork Falls (7.1 miles). Once you finish your hike, take a moment to stand still and enjoy the views from either the Sassafras Mountain or Table Rock State Park lookouts. Ready to eat? Any of the following will fill those empty stomaches: Aunt Sue's Country Corner, Pumpkin Mountain Opry, Victoria Valley Vineyards or Jocassee Valley Brewing.

Along with the short waterfall trails, Oconee County has many more trail options to choose from. Falls Riley Moore Falls (1.9 miles), King Creek Falls (1.7 miles), Brasstown Falls (0.3 miles), and more. Some longer hiking options are: Long Creek Falls (3.3 miles), Opossum Creak Falls (4.0 miles), Lower Whitewater Falls (4.1 miles), Upper Whitewater Falls (6 miles), Bee Cove Falls (2.6 miles) and Pigpen Falls (2.6 miles).

Enjoy your getaway into nature, but don't forget to also enjoy the farms, the food and the attractions these towns in Oconee County have to offer.

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