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Let Your Taste Buds Lead the Way

A Foodie's Guide to the Best South Carolina Eateries

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It's safe to say that some of the best vacation memories come from time spent around the table enjoying great food and even better company. Whether it's reminiscing about what was done and seen that day or whether it's what you will do tomorrow; gathering around for a meal has a way of bringing people together.

Start your evening downtown with a decadent dinner at the historical 1826 Bistro in Pendleton. This bistro offers American fare such as steak, seafood and of course, fried green tomatoes. Stretch your legs with an evening stroll downtown afterwards.

After a good nights rest and an appetite ready for more, start your day at Grits & Groceries; a Food Network featured restaurant in Anderson county. You can't miss it with the giant chicken statue out front welcoming customers. This unique place has some of the best food you'll ever have and is widely recognized for its famous fried pies. With a full belly, take to downtown to explore and immerse yourself in an authentic southern atmosphere amongst locals. Browse or sample around Happy Cow Creamery for locally made milk, cheeses and other natural products. Don't forget to bring a cooler to store all of your goodies.

Looking for a pit stop full of options for lunch? Summa Joe's is the place! They offer a variety of options from soups and salads to seafood, pasta, specialty sandwiches and pizza. Whatever you decide, the ingredients used are fresh from local farms when possible. Enjoy the rest of your day exploring Anderson or perhaps, head up to Pendleton to explore their town square.

If you do head to Pendleton, stop for dinner at Smokin' Pig BBQ. They're only open Thursday - Saturday, so plan for it. It's a local favorite you won't want to miss. After dinner, head to Viva Wine Bar for a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and finish off the day.

On your last day, head back to Pendleton for breakfast and enjoy an assortment of delicious pastries at Village Bakery and Cafe. Village Bakery is also a great option for a brunch if you get a late start to the day. After your breakfast/brunch head to The South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson University to walk amongst beautiful plants and flowers. Stay in Clemson for lunch and try out some steak, seafood or gourmet sandwiches at Pixie & Bill's, ending your trip with a satisfied palette.

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